Mitmor (Meedmor) Knives

Mitmor (also spelled Meedmor) knives are the most feared of all Talismans in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Their origin is uncertain but it is believed that they originated during the Ayutthaya dynasty (1350-1767 A.D.) when it was recorded that the legendary warrior-mage Khun Paen created it to protect himself from danger, sorcery and malevolent spirits. Khun Paen did not name his sword Mitmor, but “Darb Fa Fuen” or “Sacred Lightning Sword." This legendary sword is now housed at the National Museum in Thailand.

It was recorded that Khun Paen used rare and auspicious materials such as:

- Steel from the top of ancient chedi
- Steel from the top of ancient castles
- Steel from coffins
- Steel used to handle corpses during cremation
- Steel from broken swords and lances
- Lek Lai (a mythical type of metal)
- Lek Namphi (special steel mined only in Namphi Uttaradit)
- Gold, Copper and Silver metal
- Chaiyapurk wood for the handle

In Thailand, it is universally recognised that the best Mitmor knives are those made by the legendary guru monk LP Doem (also spelled LP Derm) of Wat Nongpho. His Mitmors are known for their ability to break any protective spell and sakyant tattoos and any wounds inflicted by them irrespective of blade size will never heal if used in self defence which eventually results in death. LP Doem created mitmors for villagers to defend themselves from bandits who were rampant in Nakon Sawan province at the time. Most of the bandits used some form or magical protection against bodily harm and thought themselves invincible until they encountered LP Doem's deadly Mitmors.

LP Doem's Mitmor knives are supposedly extremely powerful because he imbued them with the powers of the weapons of five Hindu deities:

1 - Indra's Thunderbolt
2 - Vaishravana's Baton
3 - Yama's Eyes
4 - Alavaka's Red Cloth
5 - Vishnu's Chakra Disc

Because of how deadly they can be, LP Doem always warned receipients of his mitmors to never use them except in the most dire of situations. They are also extremely powerful for exorcisms, making holy water, detecting poison and dispelling black magic. For exorcisms, LP Doem instructed that his mitmors should only be used as a last resort out of compassion for the possessing entity because the immense power of the mitmor would likely decimate them.

It is extremely difficult to find real LP Doem Mitmors and a high level of knowledge and experience is required to be able to authenticate them. The market is filled with fake LP Doem Mitmors.

After LP Doem, the next most respected Mitmor maker is his disciple LP Kant of Wat Kao Kaew. His Mitmors are thought to be almost just as powerful as those of LP Doem but much more affordable although they are also very hard to find.

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