Somdej Wat Tai Talad Phim Lek Meua BE2362 (F&BGC)

Somdej Wat Tai Talad Phim Lek Meua BE2362 (F&BGC)

This Somdej from Wat Tai Talad sports very distinctive features & a clear & deep stamp on the back. It is not often that such ancient amulets will present itself in such pristine condition. The Somdej has earned itself a 1st prize placing & also comes equipped with a Sammakom Card. On top of that, it is also wrapped in 90% gold casing which further enhances its beauty.


The Wat Tai Talad amulets are among the Top 5 Most Popular amulets stored inside a chedi ( called Phra Kru ) & is very popular ( actually considered a National Heritage ) among veteran amulets collectors & their value continues to rise due to increasing demand & dwindling supply. Through the many years, the series of amulets have proven their effectiveness in Maha Amnaj, Metta Maha Niyom, Klaew Klaad & Mahalarp properties.

The amulets were consecrated by Somdej Buddha Kosacharn Khun around the year BE2362. It was written that the materials used to make the amulets consist of clay from sacred places like the Buddha's birth place, place of enlightenment, when the first sermon was preached etc etc. They also consist of holy dried plants of herbs and brunt palm leaves.

After the amulets were consecrated, they were stored inside a chedi that had a structure to house multiple layers of amulets. Due to the long years of being kept inside the chedi & subjected to atmospheric conditions, many of them did not withstood the test of time & were destroyed. This resulted in good condition amulets being far & few between.

Due to the storage methods, their appearances will vary significantly due to the uneven mixture of the materials as some are dark greyish black while others may look greyish white & also due to the amulets being placed on different levels in the Chedi. There are more than 50 different phims found in these pagodas.

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