LP Phrom Tanabaht BE2516 SN 296394 (F&B11)

LP Phrom Prosperity Dollar Note BE2516 ( otherwise known as Lucky Dollar Note )

Ms. Ampai, an owner of beauty salon in the province of Lopburi, came over to see LP Phrom when he was in hospital. She asked for a piece of LP Phrom's finger nail & were given some together with a warning that it should always be kept safely. Bulletproof and blade shield ( ie : Krongraphan ) were guaranteed said LP Phrom.
LP Phrom also gave her a Buddha amulet & 3 bank notes. He also blew at all of the items to cast a magical spell.
Thereafter, Ms. Ampai won the lottery 3 times & donated substantial amounts of money to Wat Chong Kae aiding in its construction works. She treasured & kept things from LP Phrom safely from then on.

Due to the Prosperity Note being very rare & popular plus highly sought after, there are plenty of fakes in open circulation. Please be wary when acquiring.

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