LP Phrom Somdej Lang Trayang BE2515 ( F&B3 2nd & 3rd)

Awarded 2nd & 3rd placings in Sampran ( Nakhom Pathom ) & Sammakom Organized Major Competitions. Holy water ( brownish ) stains are clearly visible on the amulet.

2 Certs Ready

The Somdej Lang Tar Yang was made for the purpose of repaying the kindness to the people who generously donated their valuable assets for building the new sermons hall in Wat Chong Kae. This batch of amulets consist of those with & without ink stamps. LP Phrom blessed the amulets for 2 times in total.
The 1st time is when the new sermons hall was completed & the 2nd time on the very auspicious Sao Har’s day in the year BE2516. Thereafter, some of the amulets were put up for rent.
The remaining amulets that were not rented out initially were then nicely packed & kept in a wooden crate, which was later infested by termites. The termites’ slough stained & made most amulets have the brownish specks look. Then in BE2518, the temple again put up the remaining amulets for rent & this time they put a rubber stamp on the back before issuing out.

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