LP Phrom Somdej Ha Metta Fang Wai BE2516 (F&B)

This Somdej is extremely rare & only 20-30 pcs of it were made. It is also in an unworn & pristine state & is part of the Ha Metta batch blessed on 5 occasions by LP Phrom. The materials used to make this batch of amulets consists of :

1) LP Phrom's Hair
2) Powder from Roon Pad Kuay Teow amulets
3) Powder for many other batches of LP Phrom's amulets
4) LP Phrom's Phong Ittijae etc etc

On top of the very good materials used, there was also a piece of Wai ( Rattan & is one of LP Phrom's Kreung Lang of which he is also famous for ) inserted underneath the Somdej. The asterisk on the back of the Somdej serves as an indicator that it is a prototype & is also used as a measurement of the cut length for all the Wai that is to be used for insertion into the amulets as disclosed by Supoj Sawatwongvicha who is LP Phrom's Chief Judge. However, it was later decided that the length needs to be shortened as it causes severe cracks on the amulet.

This rattan is no ordinary cane as it is used to tie & hold the Roop Nimit ( Foundation Marker Stones which looks like a giant concrete ball ). Based on my shallow knowledge, there are usually 9 Roop Nimit & these "balls" are normally buried & used to mark the boundary of the temple, place under the Main Buddha Statue, underneath important buildings like the Ubosoth etc etc.

These foundation stones are an integral & very important part of the temple. Devotees are often invited & encouraged to donate to the cause ( which can be in terms of money, prized objects & sometimes Buddha Images to be buried together ) as it gains very good merits. They are usually blessed for prolonged periods of time too.

Note : I have attached a photo of Roop Nimit from Wat Klang Bang Kaew when I visited LP Cher in 2008.

All Somdej Fang Wai's will have cracks ( NO Exceptions ) due to the insertion of the rattan. Some of the cracks can be very long & runs almost the entire length of the amulet.

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