LP Phrom Ruo Yai Neua Phong Lang Yant Muerk Pid Thong KMK BE2516 (F&B)

This amulet is in a very pristine, original & unworn condition.
It comes with a 1st prize cert & Sammakom Card. The item was sourced from a Wat Chong Kae old Temple Committee member who served LP Phrom during his lifetime.

This series of amulets were made by the committee of Wat Chong Kae & was consecrated on Sao Har’s day together with other amulets. Sao Har day is believed to be a very auspicious day which is the 5th day of the waxing moon & happens to fall on a Saturday & it doesn't happen every year.

Apart from the usual metal versions, there is also a rarer & powder made version. It is classified into the following types namely :

1) Pid Thong Kammarkan with ink stamped yant behind
( Given only to VVIP ) Estimated quantity 20-30 pcs max

2) Pid Thong Kammarkan without yant behind

3) Non Pid Thong White Version

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