LP Phrom Roop Muen Lang Taulit Lek Kammakarn BE2516 (F&B)

This amulet is made for the Kammakarns & classified under the Phra Neua Phong Roon Maha Metta ( Kind Hearted ) Batch & was made by Dr. Somsuk Kong U-Rai in BE2516. It was individually made for distribution to committee members & their close relatives who attended the children priesthood ceremony at Wat Hua Lom Pong in Bangkok at 20 April 2517. This amulet was not let out for rent & were only distributed free to the above mentioned people attending the ceremony.

The materials consisted of LP Phrom’s hair, crushed powder from broken pieces of Roon Pard Kuay Teow & a lot of other amulets powder. It was also blessed by LP Phrom on 5 different occassions.

The estimated quantity made is between 20-30 pcs & this has resulted in many of such amulets being gold pasted to imitate the Kammakarn Batch which commands a higher price tag.

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