LP Phrom Phayant BE2510 (F1WM)

LP Phrom Phayant ( sometimes referred to as Victory Flag ) was made in the year BE2510. Like most Kreung Lang originating from Wat Chong Kae, they were not available to the public due to its rarity. In this case, the phayants were only issued to LP Phrom’s disciples. The quantity was not officially recorded but it was estimated by people whom assisted in the process that only 60 pcs were made.

LP Phrom was well known to the people in the vicinity of Nakhon Sawan & many went to the temple to pay tribute or to help out in the temple. Some of these are police officers operating in the not so friendly neighbourhood whom were disciples & fortunate enough to receive the phayant from the guru monk himself.

Depending on what the person did for a living, some would fold the phayant into a smaller size & place it in the shirt pocket while others would simply have it framed & put it in their house or office.
While placing the phayant in the pocket brings about unrivalled protection against all forms of bodily harm, framing it up & placing it at home protects the individual / family from all forms of danger, minimizes hardships & brings about overall well-being of those residing there.

There have been numerous accounts of strange unexplainable encounters ranging from protection against firearms while apprehending thugs to non-fatalities involving serious car or industrial accidents. Some have claimed to have experienced good career advancements & bad luck became a thing of the past. Others reported a substantial increase in business activities & considers this as an excellent remedy for removing strong obstacles.
The high demand & popularity of the phayant resulted in fakes circulating in the market.

The condition of this item is immaculate & without unsightly browning. Even the temple stamp is still clearly visible.

This item originates from the Chief Judge of LP Phrom who in turn sourced it from a Kammakarn of Wat Chong Kae. The item is guaranteed to be authentic & original in condition.

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