LP Phrom Kam Klad Yod Nam BE2511 (F&BA)

LP Phrom Klam Klaad Yok Nam BE2511 was made for the purpose of raising funds to build the Bosth of Wat Chong Kae. The items were blessed & personally given to Kammakarns only & not issued to the public. These items are very rare as they were made in very low quantities & very seldom seen in open circulation.
Now comes with 2 Major Competition Certs which will only be ready in 2 months time.
1) Sammakom Major Comp 11th June 2017 1st Prize
2) Bitec Major Comp 18th June 2017 3rd Prize
Condition : Mint & Unworn. Definitely more than 90%. Shiny areas appears dark due to photography lighting. Viewing in person would be the best option.

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