LP Pherm Naprok See Liam Neua Kamin Sayk BE2505 (F&BG)

The amulets of this batch were made by LP Pherm in late BE2504 and continually blessed for 22 years until he passed away in BE2526. Apart from that, a Khom script "Thau" was also personally inscribed by LP Pherm on the back of every amulet.
The holy materials used to make this batch of amulets comprises of :
i) Old Chinnamanee medicine pills made and blessed by LP Boon
ii) Old and dry tumeric inscribed and blessed by LP Boon
iii) Old holy powder prepared and blessed by LP Boon
iv) Old ground ores blessed by LP Boon
v) Broken Somdej and Phong Suphan ( both Benjaphakees ) amulets presented by LP Pherm

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