LP Daeng Somdej Roy Thong Red BE2513-14 (F&B5)

LP Daeng Somdej Roy Thong Red BE2513-14 (F&B5)

This is among one of the most popular amulet from LP Daeng Wat Kao Ban Dai It & is well liked for it's exotic list of holy materials of which some are blessed by Somdej Puttachantoh & the long blessing duration which lasted for many years.

Apart from LP Daeng blessing the amulets from BE2511 to BE2513, there were also blessed at 250 other temples of which some are famous guru monks like :

1) Chao Khun Nor ( CKN ) Wat Thepsirin

2) LP Mi Wat Sing

3) LP Song Wat Chaofasalaloy

The materials consisted of but not limited to the items listed below :

1) Broken pcs of Somdej WRK
2) Broken pcs of Somdej BKP
3) Broken pcs of Wat Sam Pleum
4) Powder from Somdej Nai Pow BE2495
5) Broken pcs of Wat Ngern Klong Ter BE2430-35
6) Soil from Lord Buddha Birth, Enlightenment and Nivana grounds
7) Soil from 9 auspicious grounds namely; Chaiyapun, Chainat, Pichai, Chai Butang, Den chai, Chaiya, Maha Chai, Nakon Chaisi and Haripunchai ( known as Lampoon currently ).
"CHAI" mean success.
8) Holy powder of LP Thuad Wat Chianghai
etc etc

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