LP Daeng Nangphaya Yellow BE2513 (F&B)

LP Daeng Nangphaya Yellow BE2513 (F&B)

This batch of amulets are among the very few types of amulets well liked by it's long & exotic list of holy materials of which some are consecrated by Somdej Puttachatoh of Wat Rakang.

The time taken to collect all the materials took some 20 years & includes soil from Lord Buddha Birth, Enlightenment & Nirvana grounds. Apart from that, the amulets were also blessed at more than 250 temples.

Further more, it also went through separate consecration ceremonies conducted by Chao Khun Nor Wat Thepsirin ( CKN ), LP Mi Wat Sing, LP Song Wat Chaofasalaloy & LP Wean Wat Doi Mae Phang.

The materials consisted of but not limited to the items listed below :

1) Broken pcs of Somdej Wat Rakang & Bangkhunphrom

2) Powder for creating Somdej Nai Pow Wat In BE2495

3) Broken pcs of Phra Wat Ngern Klong Ter

4) Broken pcs of Phra Wat Sampluem

5) Holy powder from LP Prink Wat Bang Kapok

6) Holy powder of LP Thuad Wat Chang Hai

7) Holy powder of LP Thien Wat Bot

8) Soil from Lord Buddha Birth, Enlightenment & Nirvana grounds.

9) Soil from 9 auspicious grounds namely; Chaiyapun, Chainat, Pichai, Chai Butang, Den chai, Chaiya, Maha Chai, Nakon Chaisi and Haripunchai. "CHAI" mean success.

10) Blessed Nam Mon (holy water) & candle wax from 109 temples

11) Alloys from the making of many types of Phra Kring eg; Wat Suthat

Etc Etc

Besides the above mentioned materials, LP Deang also mixed his own Phong Wisek (special powder), paper scriptures, Neua Phong Bailan, Changmak ( chewed betelnut ) and ashes from urns in the temple.

The process & effort to make this batch of amulets to say the least is simply painstaking, overwhelming & absolutely unrivalled. It is not often one will get an opportunity to own something of such magnitude.

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